Places of historical and cultural interest
Alt Berguedà has a lot of places worth visiting. Bagà with its ancient medieval quarter and its beautiful square with arcades. Other towns still preserve their traditional rural architecture and typical appearance: Castellar de n’Hug, Fórnols, Josa de Cadí, Grèixer and Gósol (where Picasso painted some of his works in 1906) are good examples. You can also travel along part of the Catars or Bons Homes route, where it passes through Gisclareny.

There are some good examples of Romanic religious architecture, including the ancient Benedictine monastery of Sant Llorenç near Bagà. Other smaller Romanic churches are humble, yet extraordinarily charming: Sant Miquel de Turbians, Santa Maria de Josa, Sant Jaume de Tuixent, Sant Vicenç de Rus and Sant Martí del Puig.
Some popular traditions and festivals have been kept alive, such as “los Aplecs” in Gresolet and Sant Miquel de Turbians. Another well-known event is the Medieval Market in Bagà, and the Gossos d’atura dog competition at Castellar de n’Hug. The Fia-Faia Festival takes place in Bagà on Christmas night, and in Sant Julià de Cerdanyola they mark the winter solstice by lighting torches.
Hiking is the most popular way of getting to know the Cadí-Moixeró Natural Park. Cal Peró has plenty of short routs suitable for all: visiting the Romanic hermitage to Sant Miquel de Turbians or taking a trip around the Sierra de Gisclareny. Another route, of intermediate difficulty, will take you to the Font de L’Adou (the source of the Bastereny River) and Els Empedrats, coming down through Murcurols and returning via the meadows of Escriga. More demanding hiking routes involve ascending from Collell to Pedreforca, or to Puig de la Canal Baridana, the peak of the Sierra del Cadí. You may be lucky enough to see chamois on both excursions. Other interesting climb is to Comabona, the peak connecting the Cadí and Moixeró mountain ranges.

There are plenty of other hiking routes around Gisclareny that take walkers around other spots in the Natural Park.

Mountain biking routes
In Gisclareny is easy to go on short mountain bike trips and enjoy magnificent views. From Cal Peró there are two round trips you can complete in a morning: An excursion to the Serra de Gisclareny, or one skirting the northern face of Pedraforca and the southern face of Serra del Cadí.

Off-road vehicle routes
Due to the abundance of tracks at the Natural Park, there are many possibilities. One very attractive route leaves Cal Peró for Saldes via the Gresolet Sanctuary. Carry on if you like and visit Gòsol, Josa and Tuixent. From here you can follow the Serra del Verd track back to Gòsol. You can return to Gisclareny from Saldes via the Pedraforca and el Collell viewpoints. This excursion truly gives you an opportunity to get to know the Pedraforca massif and Serra del Cadí well.
Mushroom picking
Some of the most popular spots for mushroom pickers are found in the heights of Berguedà during autumn, where the highly-prized Saffron Milk Cap mushrooms are found. This activity is also possible at Cal Peró.

Other interesting cultural visits and activities allow you to find out more about the area: